Dixon County
F.P. Haase

After the United States had acquired a vast territory from France in 1803, expeditions were sent out to explore the waterways and resources of the Louisiana purchase. In 1804-06, the Lewis and Clark expedition made stops in Dixon County. These explorers, seeking a water passage to the Pacific, explored territory adjacent to the streams traveled. It was approximately eighty years ago when the first settlers set foot on Dixon County soil.

The early history of this section of country dates back to the time of settlement of that part of eastern Nebraska along the Missouri river lying north of Fort Calhoun. At the time of settlement all territory west of the river was unchartered. As settlement advanced surveys were made and counties outlined and organized. The first record of any white man in this part of the state was the log of the Lewis and Clark expedition.Their first landing in northeast Nebraska was at the mouth of Omaha creek, about three and one-half miles south of Dakota City. Another stop was made about twelve miles up the river from Ponca, where the expedition paused to explore the flat valley and replenish their supplies.

It was at this same location in Dakota County that the first white settler landed in the summer of 1855. He made a canoe trip up the creek for several miles, and was so impressed with the lay of the land and its abundant productivity that he determined to return east and bring his family and others back the next spring. His glowing report of the country he had found led others to come to this section. Many settlers followed, land was homesteaded and towns sprang up. The ensuing two or three years saw the towns of Omaha, Dakota City, Covington, St. Johns, Ponca, Ionia and Newcastle thriving, all working for prestige and the county seat.

As the rush of new settlers increased they pushed further westward and the county of Dixon was laid out. In 1856 settlements were made along Aoway and South creek valleys, Lime, Daily and South creeks. The settlers usually located along the wooded creeks to be near water and fuel supply as well as to enjoy the productive valleys through which these streams flowed. They usually settled in close proximity for greater protection against Indian attack and prairie fires. This concentration of settlers was the beginning of trading posts or towns. Postoffices were located in various parts of the county, many in farm houses. Soon trading posts were needed for the settlers' groceries, clothing and other supplies, because the market towns were too far distant to be reached by ox team. Usually a store was built, followed by a blacksmith shop, school house, church and homes. An occasional government boat passed up the river with supplies for the forts established in different parts of this territory. Fur traders and other travelers also brought the settlers supplies. Later commercial boats began plying the river.

Dixon county was first settled in 1856 and the county was organized by an act of the legislature in December 1858. It was part part of what was known as the Northwest Territory, or Indian country, until the Territory of Nebraska was organized by and act of congress March 4, 1854. In June 1854, the Omaha tribe ceded by treaty to the United States all the territory west of the Missouri river except the Omaha reservation. The west side of the river was then rapidly settled and the organization of counties followed. The early settlers brought little with them and their funds were scarce. But their energy and indomitable will overcame pioneer hardships and privations, until the fertile prairies were transformed into groups of happy and thrifty homes.

The general contour of the country is rolling. Along the Missouri the land is hilly and rough, with numerous high bluffs, covered with much native timber. Oak, black walnut, cottonwood, elm, ash, box elder, willow and some hickory, ironwood, dogwood, soft maple, coffee bean and basswood could be found. There is sandstone and limestone in the hills of the northern part of the county, and these materials were used extensively in the early day for building purposes. In some localities a good brick clay was found, giving rise to numerous brick yards which were in business many years.

Farther from the Missouri, the land is gently rolling, and fewer trees were found. It was estimated there were about 10,000 acres of native timber in the county when it was first settled, but the early pioneers used much of it for building and for fuel, as well as cutting it for sale down the river. Prairie fires, too, killed an enormous number of trees. The only extensive effort at replacement was taken by the national government, which allowed a homesteader an extra 40, 80 or 160 acres as a timber claim. Upon this land a fixed number of trees had to be planted for a certain number of years. This act gave rise to many groves of cottonwood and box elder. Prairie fires in early days and droughts between 1934-40 have decimated these groves, and  killed many fruit tress. In the early days wild nuts, berries and fruit were plentiful, but today most of this growth is gone.

In the early days, too, the flat country was covered with a luxuriant growth of native grasses. Frequent prairie fires and extensive cultivation, however, have reduced the acreage of wild hay and grasses to almost nothing. Severe drouths in 1858, 1859, 1864, 1877 and 1894 caused many settlers to leave in discouragement, some going westward to search for gold.

But some of those who left returned later, and newcomers were continuously arriving, so that by the end of the century, all Dixon County's land was occupied.

During the month of July in 1894 and 1896 the state was visited by hot winds and any crops not harvested before then were withered and burned. Grasshoppers, too, have troubled Dixon county. There were invasions of the insects in 1857, '73, '74, '75, and '76, and for several years after 1934.  The 1874 plague was by far the worst. The insects arrived one morning in clouds so thick they obscured the sun. When they left that night little or no vegetation remained in the county. Every green stalk and the leaves of trees were stripped.

The county has had its share of severe winter weather also. In the winter of 1880-81, there was a heavy snow about Oct. 12. Thereafter it snowed every few days, until the county was covered ten feet deep in level places. No one left his house that winter unless it was absolutely necessary, and there were few fatalities. In other winters there were blizzards, which usually came up with such swiftness that some persons were surprised away from home and perished.

One of the worst of these storms was on Feb. 12, 1872. The morning dawned bright and clear, with no hint a storm was approaching. Joseph Bolsom and G.W. Packer, each with a team and sled, went that morning, to a grove about two miles from their homes to cut wood. When it began snowing they loaded their sleds and started for home, but the storm became so severe they could not see each other and became separated. Packer reached home late in the afternoon, and supposed Bolsom had been able to do the same. But the next morning Bolsom's body was found with his team, only half a mile from the house. Another victim of the same storm was a man known as "old man Austin." He had gone to the Indian reservation six miles from home, for wood. He became lost and froze to death.

The next winter another sudden blizzard caused several deaths, including that of Henry Harden and his 12 year old grandson. Their sleigh with the boy's frozen body in it was found two days later. Mr. Harden's body was never located.

Best know of course, is the blizzard of Jan. 12, 1888. This storm covered North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and eastern Wyoming. It caused no recorded fatality in Dixon county, however. Most of the county school teachers dismissed scholl before the storm reached its peak, and a few kept their pupils in the school house until the blizzard abated early in the morning.

There were numerous Indian scares in the early days of the county. Before the coming of the white settlers, this region was inhabited by the Dakotas, Omahas and Poncas, the latter being in the majority. The Ponca's principle camp was on the north side of Aoway creek, near the present town of Ponca. The Omahas camped on the west side of the county, on Dailey creek. These two tribes had frequent battles until the Poncas ambushed their enemies close to the Missouri, killing almost all of them. By the time the first white settlers arrived, the tribes were so decimated by battles among themselves that they were not particularly dangerous-except, of course, when they got some "fire water."

The county's first murder occurred in 1870, when the body of W.C. Dunn was found in a grove a few miles from Ponca. He had been on his way to buy land in Ponca, and was killed and robbed by a man accompanying him there from Sioux City. The son of a saloon keeper was suspected, and traced to Council Bluffs. After being returned to Ponca for trial, he confessed, and was promptly hanged.

Railroads began to supplant the earlier horse and ox teams in September 1876. The first road, however, was a narrow gauge, cheaply constructed line, and extended only to Ponca. The construction company went bankrupt in 1878, and was sold a year later to the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha company, which reconstructed the road with standard gauge track and more efficient equipment. Dixon county had issued $87,000 in bonds to build the line, and now felt it had been defrauded. The United States supreme court approved the claim in 1884.

The St. Paul and Nebraska Railroad Company started grading the Omaha branch from Coburn junction by way of Emerson, but then this company sold to the C. St. P. M. & O. In 1880 a branch was built to Emerson and in October the company bought 100 acres there for a townsite. In November the line was completed to Omaha. Construction proceeded in other directions almost until the beginning of the century and until the county was well supplied with rail facilities.

Dixon has been the scene of several county seat battles, one of which occurred before Dixon County was organized and was still part of Dakota county. The first Organization of Dakota included the city of Ponca, which made a bid for the county seat along with Dakota city, St. Johns, Covington and Logan. At an election, St. John  received three more votes than Dakota City, but lacked the necessary majority, so the latter city remained the county seat. In the act organizing Dixon County, the city of Ponca was included within its boundaries, and it it was required that the county seat be voted on. Ionia, Concord and North Bend were the county's other towns and put up a hot fight for the county seat. Ponca, however, had a greater population than the others combined, and obtained a majority in the election. Other elections on the question of county seat removal were held in 1875 and 1884, but Ponca succeeded in getting a small majority each time. There have been other county seat fights, the most recent in 1939, but none has been successful.

The first county election resulted in the naming of John Cavanaugh, H. A. Fuller and J. Massinger, commissioners; Edward Arnold, clerk; John Malone, treasurer; J.B. Debton, judge; and C.F. Putnam, sheriff. First representatives were D.J. Bramble in 1857; James Barrett, 1858, and N.S. Porter, 1864-67.

When the county was first organized it was under the commissioner form of government and had three such officers. In 1866, it was changed to township organization, with fifteen supervisors, who were reduced in number some years later to eight.

Ponca was also the site of Dixon county's first school house built in 1862. After completion of the county's organization in 1859 school taxes were assessed. Formation of school districts followed in the sixties, increasing as the county became more thickly populated until there were nearly one hundred districts. Recently, however, some districts have been consolidating, in order to build larger and more complete schools.

Addison, John Dudley: Insurance agent; b Dixon Co, Nov 17, 1863; s of Jonathan Addison-Mary Elizabeth Dean; ed Dixon Co; Brown & McKinzie sch, Valparaiso Ind; m Anna Wyant Mar 8, 1900 Newcastle; s Huber Dudley; d Mary Leota (Mrs. Raymond Newton); 1890-1920 farmed in Dixon co; 1929- gen ins agt in NewCastle; 1900-14 mbr sch bd dist 14, dir Dixon co; 15 years mbr sch bd at Newcastle; 1908 chmn Dixon co Dem Central com; 1911-13 police magistrate & JP of Newcastle; 4 years pct assessor; IOOF; 5 years trustee congl ch; hobby, politics. Father (dec) farmed in Dixon co 50 years, 4 years supt of Dixon co schs. Res Newcastle.  

Allen, James Henry : Retired farmer; b Allen, Neb Feb 22, 1872; s of Henry Allen-Elizabeth Holmes; ed Dixin Co; m Olive Wheeler Mar 10, 1896 Allen; s Glenn Henry, Ronald Roosevelt; d Iva Ann (Mrs Everett Carr), Hazel (Mrs Frank Tuttle), Gladys (Mrs Basil Truby); 1890-94 owner livery stable, Allen; 1895-1902 farmed in Dixon Co; 1903-05 ptr of Jess Wheeler in gen store, Allen; 1905-24 farmed in Dixon Co; 1926-36 mayor of Allen; 1936- credit mgr for Allen Co-op Credit Assn; 1916-20 dir sch bd; 1929-constable of Allen; Meth Ch; del to Dixon Co Rep convs. Father came to Dixon Co in 1870 from Wis, homesteaded on land now site of Allen, town named for him; farmed until 1898. Res Allen.

Anderson, Carl E. : Pharmacist; b Wall Lake, Ia Dec 14, 1886; s of Jens P Anderson-Lala Calkins; ed Allen; Fremont Coll of Pharm, PhG 1912; m Edna Rakow Feb 8, 1910 Allen; s Wilmer; d Helen (Mrs A R Ellis), Barbara; 1913 pharm for Dr George A Ureland, Springview; 1914-19 pharm for Dr J S McDonald, Allen; 1919- owner drug store in Allen; mbr town band; Neb Pharmaceutical Assn; Lions; AF&AM 236; Rep; English Luth Ch; hobby, music; res Allen.

Anderson, Robert E. : Banker; b Wayne Co, Neb Dec 24, 1889; s of Ephraim Anderson-Josier Sackerson; ed Wakefield; Augustana Coll, Rock Island Ill, BA 1923; solo clarinetist and baseball letterman 2 years; m Alma Hagglund June 30, 1925 Red Oak Ia; s James Robert, William Dewaine; 1923-26 bkkpr Security State Bank; 1925-27 asst cash, 1927-29 cash; 1929-35 asst cash Wakefield Natl Bank, 1936-dir & cash; 1915-35 mbr town band; 1937- mbr city coun; treas South Logan Drainage Assn; mbr & 1st pres Wakefield Lions; Wayne Golf Club; Salem Luth Ch, treas; hobby, golf; res Wakefield.

Andress, Roy Leslie: Theater Owner; b Lamar, Mo Jan 15, 1893; s of Sherman Andress-Rose Gunton; ed Lamar Mo; m Gladys Millard July 27, 1919 Lamar Mo; 1914-18 farmed in Dixon Co; 1918-19 during World War in U S army 6th div med detachment, Ft. Riley Kas, Fort Sill Okla, disch July 12, 1919; 1919-20 with Fred Jeffrey Impl, Martinsburg; 1920 farmed in Dixon Co; 1926-32 mbr sch bd dist 84, treas & moderator; 1933- owner & mgr of Ponca Theater; past comm Amer Leg post 117, now adjt, mbr exec com & del state conv in Omaha 1936; IOOF; Bapt Ch; Rep; res Ponca.

Bauer, Mrs. Ethel Gertrude : Bookkeeper; b Dixon Co. Neb Sept 19, 1882; d Perry Douthitt-Lilly Beardshear; ed Ponca; m Frank Bauer Feb 4, 1922 Sioux City Ia (dec); 1902-14 tchr, Ponca; 1914-22 bkpr Bauer-Henry Lbr Co; 1933-bkpr Hart Knerl Garage; 1918 pres OES 168; ch DG PEO; treas 1934; 1932-36 treas Women's Synodical Missionary Soc, secy 1929-32; supt English Luth Ch SS since 1934; Rep; hobby, church work. Father was pioneer of Dixon Co, farmed 25 years. Husband owned lbr yards in Neb. Res Ponca.

Beith, Frank James : County Commissioner; b Dixon Co, Neb May 23, 1878; s of Thomas J Beith-Elizabeth Dawes; ed Dixon Co; m Mina Hutchings Apr 10, 1901 Dixon Co; s Donald Martin; d Opal Elizabeth (Mrs. Eugene Wheeler), Helen Marle (Mrs. Maurice Gustafson); 1901-36 farmed in Dixon Co; 1906-10 homesteaded Lyman Co, S D; 1939-Dixon Co commr; 1906-08 mbr Lyman Co S D sch bd, 1907 constable; agt Farmers Mutual Fire Ins Co of Lincoln & State Farm Mutual Ins Co, Bloomington Ill; IOOF; Meth Ch; Rep; father homesteaded in Dixon Co 1870, farmed 40 years; res Allen.

Bennett, Patrick J. : Farmer; b Green Bay, Wis Jan 29, 1869; s of Patrick Bennett-Margaret Harrington; ed Dixon Co; m Mame Flaharty Feb 14, 1900 Newcastle; s john Dennis, Joseph Edward; d Vera, Dorothy (Mrs. Ray Kayl), Helen (Mrs. Gregory Kneifl); 1880-90 farmed with father in Dixon Co; 1890-94 farmed with brother James; 1894-98 farmed with brother Peter; 1896-farmed indep; 1898-1936 treas Dixon Co sch bd; 1915-23 mbr twp bd; Tara Hill Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies; livestock; owner of farm homesteaded by father 1870; res Newcastle.  

Blaker, Maurice Reuben : Publisher; b Wakefield, Neb June 28, 1904; son of Charles E Blaker-Lydia E Swanson; ed Wakefield HS; mbr football team 2 years; m Florence Jensen July 23, 1931 Emerson; s Roger Lee; d Lois Rae; 1921-30 printer, Wakefield Republican; 1930- publisher Emerson Tri-Co Press; 1937-police magistrate; Tri-St Press Assn; NPA; Natl Edit Assn; secy Lions; vol fire dept, pres; St Luke's Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, chicken raising; res Emerson.

Bray, Robert Ellis : Physician & Surgeon; b Edgehill, Penn Sept 9, 1887; s of Rev George Bary-Janey Forward; ed Ponca; Bellevue Coll; U of SD 1909-10; Creighton U, MD 1911; Chidrens Memorial Hosp, Chicago 1934; Phi Rho Sigma; m Fanny Sorenson Aug 2, 1934 Sulphur Springs Ia; 1910-11 intern at St Joseph's Hosp, Siouc City Ia; 1912 prac with Dr. G A Young Ponca; 1913-14 prac in Martinsburg; 1935- prac in Ponca; owner Halstead Memorial Hosp, cheif of staff; 1913-14 Dixon Co phys; 1914-36 town treas Martinsburg; 1918-24 mbr Galena twp bd; during World War was Dixon Co med examiner; Five-Co Med Soc; Sioux Valley Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; AF&AM 236; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing.

Breslin, James Frank : Real Estate Agent; b Fonda, Ia Jan 15, 1877; s of Charles Breslin-Mary Kinney; ed Dakota Co; WSTC; m Katherine Sherlock May 24, 1905 Emerson; s Leonard James, Charles Raymond, William Franci; d Marguerite (Mrs. Raymond Bennett), Katherine Pearl (Mrs. James Rush, dec), Lucile (Mrs John Bennett); 1900-03 owner gen store in Willis; 1903-06 owner gen mdse store Minot ND; 1906-10 farmed in Dixon Co; 1910- real estate agt & farmer; 1919-29 mayor of Newcastle; 1913-14 dir sch bd; 1936- del to state Dem conv at Omaha, Columbus at 1938; 1934-37 pres Comml Club, VP since 1939; Cath Ch; Dem; res Newcastle.

Burgess, Manley Reuben : Farmer; b Dixon Co, Neb Oct 5, 1880; s of Reuben Burgess-Susan French; ed Allen; m Elizabeth Jenson Oct 26, 1904 Yankton S.D.; s Arlo (dec) Marvin Reuben; d Irene Mrs. Lawrence Armour), Edith Elaine; 1903- farmer, extensive cattle feeder Dixon Co; 5 years clk Springbank twp bd; 1914-19 dir Farmers St Bank; 1929-dir Farmers Co-op Elevator; 1934-mbr cred com Allen Co-op Credit Assn; Meth ch; Dem; hobby, livestock; res Allen.

Burman, Edwin John : Merchant; b Wakefield, Neb Feb 18, 1891; s of John Burman-Sophia Carlson; ed Wakefield; Luther Coll, 1907-08; m Jevannah Swanson June 1, 1916 Wakefield; s Paul; 1909-10 clk Olson Bros store in Concord; 1910-30 ptrr Fair store, Wakefield, 1930- mgr; 1924-36 mbr sch bd; past mbr vol fire dept; Fedn of Neb Retailers; past trustee Salem Luth Ch, secy SS; hobby, riding horses; res Wakefield.

Busby, Byron : Oil Station Operator; b Wakefield, Neb Aug 13, 1891; s of Charles Busby-Mary Weston; ed Wakefield; Mosher Lampman Bus Coll, Omaha; m Frances Krull Apr 1911 Sioux City Ia; s Marvin James Bernard;  1913-19 P M Wakefield; 1919-23 farmed in Alberta Saskatchewan Canada; 1923-29 bkkpr Ford Garage, Wakefield; 1929-35 bkkpr Buick & Chevrolet Garage; 1935- owner & mgr Busby Service Station; 1927- city clk; 1914-19 mbr vol fire dept; Lions; Presby Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Wakefield.

Butler, Donovan Goodrich : Mortician; b Pawnee City, Neb Dec 20,1911; s of Floyd Butler-Gladys Goodrich; ed Pawnee City; U of N 1930-32; Worsham sch of Embalming; m Juanita Cochran; Aug 14, 1937 Falls City; 1933 appr McNeil Funl Home Inc, Chicago; 1934-38 with Castle Roper & Matthews, Lincoln; 1938- with Butler-Beermann Mortuary of Ponca & South Sioux City; past mbr Lincoln Jr C of C; AF&AM 54; Comml Club; YMCA, Lincoln; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, sports; res Ponca.

Byers, William Leroy : Dentist; b Garrison, Neb Feb 25, 1895; s of Merritt V Byers-Sarah Adair; ed Osceola; U of N, DDS 1923, mbr student coun; Delta Sigma Delta; m Edna Schweitzer Sept 1923 Council Bluffs Ia; s Paul V, William Leroy Jr; 1917-19 during World War with U S army, 1st 1t & commanding ofcr hdqrs co 33rd inf, stationed at Gatun Panama, disch May 1919; ch mbr, Lincoln, Gresham & Allen Amer Leg posts, org Gresham & Allen posts, past comm Allen post 131; 1923-26 prac in Gresham; 1927-39 prac in Allen; 1939-prac in Wakefield; 1932-39 mbr Allen fire dept, pres 1938; Tri-Co Dental Soc; Neb St Dental Assn; Lions; AF&AM 236, past master; English Luth Ch; coun mbr; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Wakefield.

Christenson, Ezra Allen : Farmer; b Walnut, Ia July 22, 1897; s of Andrew Christenson-Mary Peterson; ed Allen; U of N sch of Agr 1916; m Alta Hibbison Apr 22, 1918 Wakonda, SD; s Wayne Allen; Rose Marie, Eulalie Grace; 1916-17 farmed with father; during World War in ASSC Fort Omaha balloon sch, ground course U of Ill, Chanute Field, Rantoul Ill as flying cadet, commd 2nd 1t RMA AS, instr Waco Tex; 1919-25 farmed near Bridgewater SD; 1925-33 farmed, Wakonda SD; 1933- farmer in Dixon Co; 1937- mbr Allen consolidated sch bd; 1937 del to Neb Amer Leg conv, Omaha, 1927-28 comm post 12; 1934-36 adjt, 1937 comm post 131, 1938- service ofcr; AF&AM 256; Scot Rite 32, Yankton SD; steward Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, swimming, woodworking; res Allen.

Clark, Cecil M'Kinley : Merchant; b Concord Neb Sept 12, 1898; s of Charles E Clark-Florence Micheltree; ed Concord; WSTC; m Vandelyn Nelson Mar 20, 1925 Sioux City Ia; d Dona Doreen, Karen Ann; 1914-16 clk Olson & Co store; Concord; 1917-19 during World War in 32nd div, 120th dield arty, O/S May 1918-July 1919, disch July 1919; 1925-28 asst P M of Concord; 1928- ptr of Ivan Clark in gen store; Amer Leg, Wakefield; AF&AM, Laurel; Meth Ch; Dem; res Concord.

Clark, Gerald Dewey : Druggist; b Concord Neb Jan 12, 1900; s of Charles E Clark-Florence Micheltree; ed Concord; WSTC 1915-17; m Alma Thompson Dec 31, 1928 Jefferson SD; d Billie Joan, Mary Janet; 1919 drug clk, Portland Ore; 1920-24 drug clk, Concord Drug Store; secy Comml Club since 1935; Luth Ch; Dem; hobbies, raising gold fish, water lilies; res Concord.

Clark, Ivan : Merchant; b Neb Nov 27, 1893; s of C E Clark-Florence Micheltree; ed Concord; Bellevue Coll; m Rowena Branaman May 27, 1920 Ponca; s Charles; d Virginia; 1915-20 ptr of Dr Phillips in drug store, Concord; 1920 farmed in Pierce Co; 1920-26 mgr Feed & Produce Store, Concord; 1926- ptr of C M Clark in gen store; 1932-35 dir sch bd; 5 yrs town coun mbr; during World War served in marine corps, O/S Aug 1918-Aug 1919, disch as 1st sgt Aug 1919; Amer Leg, Wakefield post; Comml Club; AF&AM, Laurel; Meth Ch; Dem; res Concord.

Coe, Charles B. : Physician & Surgeon; b Pottawatomie, Ia July 26, 1881; s of William S Coe-Anna Marshall; ed Atlantic Ia; Highland Park Coll, Des Moines 1908; Creighton U, MD 1912; Chicago Inst of Surgery; Phi Rho Sigma; m Jessie Neff July 15, 1903 Atlantic Ia; s Dr Charles Maxwell, Weldon, Lloyd; d Ruth, Dorothy (Mrs Harry Larson); 1904 supt of schs, Underwood Ia; 1906-07 dep treas Cass Co Ia; 1912-14 prac in Plainview; 1915 prac with Dr J P Lord, Omaha; 1916- prac in Wakefielf, org Coe Hosp, Mar 1937; 6 years city phys; 1922 asst in pathology, Creighton U; 1926-37 mbr sch bd, past pres; during World War with med corps 1st 1t Fort Oglethorpe Ga, Allentown Penn; 1st temporary comm Amer Leg post 81; Five Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; AF&AM 204; RAM, Wakefield; Presby Ch; hobby, forestry; res Wakefield.

Coe, Charles Maxwell : Physician & Surgeon; b Atlantic Ia July 17, 1909; s of Charles B Coe-Jessie Neff; ed Wakefield; Midland Coll BSc 1932; mbr freshman football team 1928; varsity football team 3 yrs, mbr basketball & track teams; U of N, MD 1936; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; m Miriam Hobson Oct 31, 1937 Carson Ia; d Mary Jane; 1936-37 interne Uni Hosp, Omaha; 1937-prac with father in Wakefield; staff surg Coe Hosp; Five Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; treas Lions; sr deacon AF&AM 83; hobby, sports; res Wakefield.

Connell, William Thomas : Merchant; b Cork, Ireland Apr 8, 1882; s of Richard Connell-Elizabeth Kingston; ed Allen; m Laura Kellogg 1907 Omaha; d Wilma Lillian; 1906-14 emp in Lindahl's Groc Store; 1914-22 ptr in E C Wharton Cash Store; 1922- owner Cash Store; 1918-mbr town bd; 1914-18 mbr sch bd; 1910-17 mbr vol fire dept; 1930-33 worshipful master AF&AM; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, hunting; res Allen.

Crumbaugh, Laurence W. : Attorney; b LeRoy, Ill Sept 7, 1883; s of Milton Crumbaugh-Ida Hall; ed Hamilton Mo HS; Thayer Coll, Kidder Mo; U of Mo 1902; Kansas City Veterinary Coll, DVM 1910; Creighton U, LLB 1929; m Anna Dransen May 15, 1912 Craig; d Ramona (Mrs Harley French), Wanda; 1903-06 tchr in Mo schs; 1910-11 U S govt veterinary inspector; 1911-26 in gen veterinary prac, Craig Mo; 1929-32 prac in Herman; 1932- prac law in Emerson; city atty; past mbr town bd & sch bd of Craig; Dixon Co & Neb St Bar Assn; Neb St Veterunary Assn, inspector 1939 for bur of agr; Lions; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off & res Emerson.

Curry, Samuel Edward : County Sheriff; b Dixon Co, Neb Jan 14, 1900; son of Alexander Curry- Elizabeth Miille; ed Dixon Co; 1918-26 farmed with father in Dixon Co; 1926-31 farmed indep in Dixon Co; 1931- sheriff Dixon Co; Neb Sheriffs &  Peace Ofcrs Assn; Comml Club; 1933 worshipful master, AF&AM 101; Scot Rite 32, Sioux City; Abu Bekr Shrine Sioux City; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Ponca.

Dahlgren, Levi Norman : Farmer; b Dixon Co, Neb Jan 26, 1898; s of Ola P Dahlgren-Elsie Herman; ed Dixon Co; m Ada Lundberg Jan 26, 1928 Wakefield; d Helen Elaine, Leola Mae; 1912-19 farmed with afther in Dixon Co; 1919-28 farmed in ptrship with brother Paul; 1928- farmed 160 A indep; deacon Salem Luth Ch; hobby, forestry. Father pioneer of Dixon Co, farmed 30 yrs. Res Wakefield.

Dietrich, Ernest August : Merchant; b Manchester, Wis Feb 21, 1885; s of Dr Adolph Dietrich------  ---------; ed Pitttsburg Kas; m Esther K Lofgrn Sept 28, 1935 Sioux City Ia; 1902-06 clk in groc store, Pittsburg Kas; 1906-08 printer Pittsburg Kas; 1908-09 printer Northern Lyon Co Journal, Allen Kas; 1909-11 owner print shop, Pittsburg Kas; 1912 editor newspaper, Hollister Mo; 1913-14 foreman, Times of Pleasant Hill Mo; 1914-16 printer, Times, Kansas City Mo; 1916-18 printer, The Advocate, Laurel; 1918-21 printer, Journal leader, Ponca; 1922-24 printer, Sioux City Journal; 1924-26 editor The Observer, Gayville SD; 1926-34 printer, job shops, Siox City Ia; 1935- owner gen mdse store, Maskell; 1937-town coun mbr; past mbr NPA; IOOF; Rebekahs; Luth Ch; hobby, traveling; res Maskell.     

Dilts, Mrs. Catherine : Housewife; b Cedar Co, Ia Feb 19, 1859; d of John Bartholomew-Caroline Whisler; ed Tipton Ia HS; m Levi Dilts Dec 31, 1876 Tipton Ia; s F Ray, Fred A, Guy H, Carl L; d Margaret (Mrs Joe Turner, dec), Blanche (dec); 1874-76 tchr in Cedar Co Ia; OES 106, chaplain; Wayne Co Pioneer's Assn; DUV, past pres, past state chaplain; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, sewing; father (dec) fought in 24th Ia Reg Co C in Civil War; res Wakefield.

Dilts, F Ray : Farmer; b Cedar Co, Ia July 6, 1881; s of Levi Dilts-Catherine Bartholowmew; ed Wakefield HS; WSTC; 1902-20 farmed in Wayne Co; pct assessor one yr, Wayne Co; AF&AM 83, worshipful master 1918-19, RAM 39, high priest 1929 & 1938, Damascus Consistory 20, Norfolk 32; hobby, reading; father (dec) farmed in Wayne Co 35 years; res Wakefield.

Dodge, Howard : Mayor; b Centerpoint, Ia July 21, 1899; s of Erwin A Dodge-Clara Mae Phelps; ed Ida Grove Ia HS; mbr football & basketball teams; Ia State Coll, 1917-18; m Charlotte C Cameron Aug 29, 1923 Ida Grove Ia; 1919 clk A C Fish Clothing Store, Ida Grove Ia; 1919-27 asst P M,   Ida Grove ; 1927-31 dist mgr Bankers Life Ins Co. Hartington; 1931-  exec com mbr Allen fire dept; 1931-  mgr of cafe, Allen; 1937- mayor of Allen; org of Central Dixon Co Club, pres 1937; secy Ida Grove C of C 1920; Kiwanis, Ida Grove;  1926-27 Izaak Walton , treas; AF&AM 236; 1939 treeas Lions Club of Allen; Luth Ch; Rep;  hobby, fishing; res Allen.

Dohrman, Henry Dell : Blacksmith; b Kiel, Germany Dec 16, 1874; s of August Dohrman---------; ed Rushville; U of N 1896-97; m Louise Wieslock Mar 31, 1907 San Francisco; s Walter, Theodore, Paul George; d Gladys (Mrs Henry Voss, dec); 1900-06 gold miner, Alaska Treadwell Co, Juneau Alaska; 1906-08 partner in planing mill, San Francisco; 1908- opr blacksmith shop; Emerson; 1920- mbr vol fire dept; during Sp-Amer War with 1st Neb Co F in Philippines 1898, disch Aug 1899 as lt; Amer Leg; William Lewis Camp, USWV; AF&AM, Scot Rite 14; IOOF; past noble grand; St Luke's Luth Ch, mbr count; hobby, making small boats; father homesteaded in Sheridan Co 1885; res Emerson.

Donelson, Harold Dean : Pharmacist; b Ogallala, Neb Dec 26, 1892; s of F L Donelson-Minnie Lindberg; ed Wakefield; Creighton U 1913-14; U of N, PhG1924; m Florence Anderson July 22, 1925 Omaha; s Jack Leland; 1919-25 with father in drug store; Wakefield; 1925- owner & mgr of Donelson's Drug Store; 1935- mbr sch bd, secy; 1916-21 mbr vol fire dept; during World War enl July 28, 1917, with base hosp 84, med supply depot O/S Sept 1, 1918-May 25, 1919; past adjt & vice comm Amer Leg post 81; AF&AM 83; Scot Rite 32, Sioux City; Moslah Shrine, Ft Worth Tex; OES 106; 1936 pres Lions; Salem Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, golf, reading; father was druggist in Wakefield 23 yrs & Ogallala 20 yrs; res Wakefield.

Ehle, Dean H : County Juge; b Newcastle, Neb June 14, 1896; s of Jerome Ehle-Mary Bell; ed Newcastle HS; mbr HS football team 1915-16; WSTC; m Rosalia Ryan Aug 29, 1921 Le Mars Ia; s Dean Jerome; d Madonna Jean; 1916-31 tchr, Newcastle; 1931-36 Newcastle P M; 1937- Dixon Co judge; 1936-37 mbr sch bd Newcastle; during World War with SATC U of N; Amer Leg; AF&AM 101; IOOF 268; Congl Ch, supt SS; hobby, nature study; father ret, pioneer of Dixon Co, farmed 60 yrs; res Ponca.

Ekeroth, Martin F : Merchant; b Essex, Ia March 1, 1883; s of J A Ekeroth-Tilia Swenson; ed Ia; Augustana Coll, Rock Island Ill; U of N 1904-05; m Amy Hallberg June 12, 1907 Essex; s Norman F; d Clarice; 1905-07 bkkpr Adams & Kelly Co, Omaha; 1907-09 with St Paul & Tacoma Wash Lbr Co; 1909- ptr of Charles A Sar, Sar Stone Co, Wakefield; 1915-37 sch bd secy; secy Lions; mbr Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; Salem Luth Ch, coun mbr; res Wakefield.

Ellis, Walter R : Farmer; b Dixon Co, Neb Apr 29, 1879; s of Enos E Ellis-Hannah Morgan; ed Dixon Co; m Nora Jones Oct 27, 1909; Ponca; s Lee Ellwood, Marvin Walter, Herbert Enos; d Hannah Gladys (Mrs L A Rainforth), Zella Madge (Mrs Joe McAffee), Florence Eleanor; 1900- farmed in Dixon Co; 1914-19 dir Farmers St Bank, Allen; 1927- mbr Allen consolidated sch bd, pres since 1938; 1918- dir Farmers Co-op Elevator at Allen; 1934- dir Allen Co-op Credit Assn; treas Friends Ch; Rep; hobbies, rock gardens, livestock; father homesteade in Dixon Co, farmed 40 years; res Allen.

Engle, John Peter : Hatchery owner; b Dixon Co, Neb July 6, 1893; s of Matt Engle-Mary Dooran; ed Martinsburg; m Sadie Jackson Aug 1917 Ponca; s John Francis, Donald James; d Rose Mary, Mary Lou; 1910-36 farmed in Dixon Co; 1937-38 judge Dixon Co Fair; owner of hatcheries in Ponca, Wakefield & Allen; 10 yrs mgr Martinsburg Baseball team; during World War with 3rd div, inf co mechanic, O/S Apr 1918-July 1919, disch July 7, 1919; Amer Leg post 117; Internatl Baby Chick Assn; Neb Poultry Improvement Assn; Comml Club; Cath Ch; Dem;  hobbies, baseball, hunting, fishing; father farmed in Dixon Co 40 yrs; res Ponca.

Frederickson, Ben Weborg : Farmer & Stockman b Cumming Co, Neb Sept 30, 1897; s of J W Frederickson-Carrie Weborg; ed Wakefield HS; m Alice Henry Dec 26, 1919 Wakefield; s Myron Gerald; 1920-farming 3 mi SE Wakefield; 1927- dir scholl bd dist 12; played on Wakefield baseball team 10 years; secy Logan Valley Tele Co at Wakefield since 1920; Wayne Co Farm Bur; Salem Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, sports; father farmed over 30 years in Wayne & Cumming Cos, Pender pioneer; res Wakefield.

Gamet, George L : Machinist; b Mondamin, Ia Nov 20, 1876; s of David Gamet-Nancy Hutchinson; ed Mondamin Ia & University Place Neb; m Anna J Morrow May 2, 1906 Mondamin Ia; s Joseph Aloysius; 1896-1900 clk Gamet & Ogden Store, Mondamin; 1900-02 clk Hutchinson Store; 1903-04 owner of merc store, Cherokee Ia; 1905-10 clk H P Morrow gen store, Mondamin Ia; 10 yrs mbr city coun; 1917-18 with Noyes & Gamet, Mondamin, 1919 owner Gamet's store; 1920-31 farmed 240 A in Harrison Co Ia, raised cattle; 1931- owner George L Gamet's Store; Emerson; Lions; Sacred Heart Ch; father homesteaded in Harrison Co Ia, farmed 50 yrs; res Emmerson.

Gibbs, Clifford H : Farmer; b Alchester, SD June 9, 1873; s of John F Gibbs-Harriet C Sage; ed Vermillion SD; U of SD; Natl Bus Training Sch; Ia U; m Lena Schenk June 7, 1906 Waterloo Ia; s Cecil C, Casper L, Elmer E; d Amy M, Gladys (Mrs LeRoy McCormick), Katherine (Mrs Leonard    Fifer), Geneva; 1906- farmer in Dixon Co; 1910-11 in land bus, Sturgis SD; 1900-07 mbr sch bd dist 42, 1908-38 dir sch bd 15; 1914-34 road supvr Dixon Co; 1934- chmn Agrl Conservation Com of Dixon Co; 1904-14 clk Newcastle twp bd; IOOF 268; trustee Congl Ch; hobby, Hereford breeding; res Newcastle.

Graham, James Robert : Physician & Surgeon; b Irving, Ia Oct 8, 1878; s of Dr James H Graham-Ida Breckenridge; ed Manilla Ia; U of N, MD 1903; m Beryl Hathaway Apr 2, 1905 Manning Ia; s Harlow Hathaway, Robert Wendell; 1903-04 prac with father, Manilla Ia; 1904- prac in Allen; 1905-25 mbr sch bd, 1908-19 mbr town coun; Sioux Valley Med Soc; Five Co Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn; IOOF; Eng Luth Ch, past trustee; Rep; hobby, horses; res Allen.

Gustafson, Theodore M : Stockman & Farmer; b Montgomery Co Ia Mar 3, 1884; s of Charles Gustafson-Clara Anderson; ed Montgomery Co Ia; m Hilda Nelson Aug 27, 1927 Wayne; s Morris Donald, Myron Eugene; d Helen (Mrs Arthur Holman), Eleanor, Vivian Nelson; 1907 farmed in Montgomery Co Ia; 1908 farmed near Emmerson; 1908-13 farmed N W of Wakefield, feeds livestock on large scale; 1910-13 dir sch bd, Park Hill; 1922-25 dir Glendale sch dist 74; trustee Salem Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, livestock; father farmed in Montgomery Ia 40 yrs; res Wakefield.

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Haase, George H :

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WHO'S WHO in Dixon County, Nebraska
From the WHO'S WHO in NEBRASKA, published by Nebraska Press Association. Lincoln, Nebraska 1940.

Many thanks to Mr. Alan Beermann, Executive Director of the Nebraska Press Association and American Press Advertising service for permission to transcribe this wonderful piece of Dixon county history for all to enjoy.
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Transcribed by Sherri Brakenhoff, Colfax County, Nebraska coord.