Lynn LogueMonday, 9/17/07, 8:52 AM Would appreciate any assistance obtaining a copy of the obituary for George Washington Mann, husband of Mary Jane Warnock, who died May 11, 1898 in Maskell, NE. He was the son of Randolph and Christenia Lowman Mann and is buried in the Newcastle City Cemetery. Email: lynn.logue@holidaycompanies.com

Ronald Upton 3/23/06,  around 1900 Email: curly80013@hotmail.com

Cheryl Cabana 12/26/10
Hoping someone can find the obituary for William Newton White. He had a large farm in Dixon County, Ponca. He died 12 Dec 1913. His wife name was Roxanna. Hoping his obituary gives the name of his parents nobody in our family knows although his death certificate says his mothers name was Margaret. Your help is much appreciated. Willing to pay for costs. Thanks in advance. Email: ccabana@charter.net

Rozalyn BoyerThursday, 7/31/08, 9:05 PM Hi again from Iowa, I just thought I would post the rest of my family Dad's info. My Dad was Elwin (Chet) Tesdall from Obert. His parents were Alfred and Lela (Stevens) Tesdall. Lela's parent were Harriett (Whitsett) and Frank Stevens. Frank was born in Iowa and did not have any siblings. His mother did when Frank was very young. Harriett was the daughter of William Whitsett and Minerva Monroe. William's mother,Elizbeth was living with him in the late 1800's but I have found her death or burial information. I do have some info to share. Thank-you Roz Boyer Email: rozalyn@mac.com

Alan DeiberTuesday, 8/15/06, 7:51 PM I have an uncle, Frederick Wiese, buried the Concord Cemetery. He was born in 1886 and died in 1904. There does not seem to be any other family ties to Concord. Are there any archives, newspapers, anything that would go back that far that might indicate how he died? Thank you for this forum. Al Deiber Email: deiberal45@att.netSURNAMES or SUBJECT: 

Mary Wiese GundelachSaturday, 2/18/06, 4:04 PM My grandfather, Carl Henry Wiese with his wife Katherina and six children (Fred, Emil, Richard, Florence & Henrietta) moved to Dixon County NE from Westside Iowa in 1903. My father, Emil Wiese, spoke of his brother, Fred, who died in 1905 while they lived in Dixon County. How can I trace where the gravesite or death record might be? The Carl Wiese family left Dixon County in 1906 and returned to farm in Buck Grove, Iowa. Email: gundelachm@aol.com

Connie Ludwig/MillerSunday, 11/23/08, 3:02 PM My family history has so many many names from the Ponca area. One that I am searching for right now is Dan Conners. He married Christina Russell ~1904. Family history says he was a grocer in Ponca and that they had one child-a son. I would like to find out more about this family and if there are any living descendants. Email: cmiller8139@cableone.net

bill woodard 11/1/10
Email: bwoodard@philmac.com

Patrick WymanSunday, 2/11/07, 6:50 PM I am attempting to find information on S. Wyman, who lived in Dixon, Nebraska in 1880 and probably beyond. I found this information on the web: f. 13 1880 - Affidavits, Licenses & Certificates Book # 1 pages: 207-219, 222-236, 238-241 WYMAN-NEWTON on pg 210 I would like to obtain the above record if anyone has access. I found it on the following website: http://www.nebraskahistory.org/lib- arch/research/public/finding_aids/dixon.pdf I believe this to be a marriage certificate of S. Wyman (his first name is unknown but could be Samuel, Suel, Sewall or something similar) and Mary (Maria) Wyman. Anybody with information regarding these people or Harry Wyman, please email me at patrickjwyman@gmail.com. Thank you. Sincerely, Patrick Wyman Omaha, NE Email: patrickjwyman@gmail.com

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