At a school district meeting October 21, 1893 a building twenty by thirty feet with nine foot walls was aproved to be built. A seven month school term was approved, two fall months, September and October; three winter months, December, January and February; and two spring months, April and May.

The first school year Lizzie Cavanaugh taught the fall months, Hilma Peterson the winter months and Swain Olson the spring months.

On June 29, 1896 Ola Olson was hired to put in a dozen hitching posts. Around 1900 Pearl Kimble Murphy and Anna Olson planted two trees, one box elder and one Maple in front of the school house. In 1901 a fence was built around the school with cedar posts one rod apart and in 1905 a 6x12 foot porch was added.

In 1925 a basement and a new furnace were installed.

According to records available these were some of the teachers:

Lizzie Cavanaugh, Hilma Peterson, Swain Olson, F.H. Alexander, Florence Reed, Ozla Harmon, Maude Harmon, Pearl Kimbell, Gertrude Fitzsimmons, Esther Olson, Ellen Fredrickson, Harry Scott, Mamie Scheffl, Cynthia Borg, Florence Rubeck, Warner Erlandson, Esther Lundahl, Marie Jenson, Clara Carpenter, Edna Smith, Fern Stanlet, Sybil Tessier Kimbell, Marie Jennings, Martha Bengston, Alice Hanson, Marjorie Larson, Vivion Anderson, Fern Carlson, Clover Busby, June Wharton, Mrs. Abner Pearson, Marjorie Pearson, Mrs. Darlene Keagle, Edna Rastede, Ardith Moffat, Lorna Karlberg, Bernice Lempke, Mrs. Virgil Green, Mrs. Helen Pearson, Delores Anderson, Mrs. Richard Stalling and Mrs. Lorraine Anderson. The first wages recorded were $28 per month.

The school was closed in 1961 and Mrs. Helen Pearson was the last teacher, a Gerald Muller was the last eighth grade pupil to graduate there.

The school building was moved to Allen to become a museum in 1966.

The Logan Valley School House was open to visitors on December 21, 1996, sponsored by the Dixon County Historical Society.

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