1890-91 Business List From The Nebraska State Gazetteer

From the Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and  Farmers List For 1890-91 J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 1890.

Dixon County Business Listing

Dailey Branch, a post office in the western part of Dixon county, eight miles west of Ponca, the seat of justice.

Dixon is a new town on the Pacific Short Line Ry. in the extreme western part of Dixon county in one of the finest localities in Logan Valley. It is two and a half miles north of Concord and 13 miles southeast of Coleridge on the C. St. P.M. & O. Ry. Work has begun on a large merchandise store and an elevator of 30,000 bushels capacity, to be operated by Harrington Bros. Besides these ther are fully a dozen buildings erected and in course of erection. Several buildings have been removed from Concord to this point.

Emerson has a population of 750 and is in the southeastern part of Dixon county, at the junction of the C. St. P. M. & O. Ry., and the branch of the same road to Sioux City. The town is situated on the northeast corner of Winnebago Indian reservation, and is a most flourishing section of the state, ten miles east of Wayne and 27 miles from Sioux City. The Farmers State Bank, C.C. King, cashier, is the local monetary institution. The churches are the Presbyterian and Catholic. The Emerson Era is the local newspaper.

Barber E Mrs., millinery ~ Benecko Wm. saloon  ~ Boyle P H & S H, real estate ~ Connors John, drugs ~ Davis & Carrabine, genl mdse ~ Dilger J E. harness ~ Demers L F, feed mill ~ Demers L T. blacksmith ~ Emerson Era, J Leonard pub ~ Engelen M M, livery ~ Evans W E, phys ~ Farmers Home, Louis Wenzel prop ~ Farmers State Bank, Clyde C King cashier ~ Goodwin B F, furniture ~ Hemphill A.E, drugs, hardware ~ Hooker C L, barber ~ Jeger A, shoemaker ~ Kurtz & McCarthy, genl mdse ~ Lamb C Miss, millinery ~ Leonard Joshua, prop Emerson Era ~ Lippold F W, justice ~ Moseman L F, real estate ~ Painter C H, hardware ~ Parmlee Howard, loans ~ Paulger FO, sta, tel, ex agt ~ Rossiter L M & CO, lumber ~ Ryan W C, genl mdse ~ Volpp Fred, meat market ~ Warnock Wm, postmaster, ins, loans, justice ~ Wenzel & Eckerman, livery ~ Wenzel Louis, prop Farmers Home, saloon ~ Winter J C, blacksmith ~ Yeager August, shoemaker ~ Zapp Charles, restaurant

Hawk Eye, a post office in the central part of Dixon county, 10 miles south of Ponca, the county seat.

Ionia, a post office in Dixon county nine miles north of Ponca, the county seat. Population, 40. Smith C H, postmaster ~  Smith & Sons, blacksmiths, saw mill and flour mill.

Lime Grove, a post office in the northwestern part of Dixon county, 20 miles from Ponca, the county seat. Nielson C, genl mdse, postmaster, blacksmith.

Martinsburg, a post office in the central part of Dixon county, nine miles southeast of Ponca, the county seat. Population, 100.
Duren John, flour mill ~  Gilmore C R, blacksmith ~  Jeffrey F B, justice ~  Lockwood M, genlmdse, postmaster ~  Martin I, genl mdse ~  Martin May Miss, dressmaker ~  Ratgers C, phys ~  Schultz Bros, hardware, agl implts ~  Vaughn M A, drugs ~  Vaughn & Mellon, genl mdse ~   Withom Wm, hotel.

New Castle, a rural postoffice in the northeastern part of Dixon county, 12 miles from Ponca, the county seat. Population, 50.

Ponca has a population of 1, 800 inhabitants and is one of the most beautiful forest cities in northeastern Nebraska. It is the county seat of Dixon county and is situated on Aoway creek, which affords an excellent water power for a large flouring mill that cost $40,000, with a capacity of 125 barrels per day, of which S.K. Bittenbender is secretary and treasurer. The railroad advantages here are limited at present to a branch of the C. St. P. M. & O. Ry. The city is also within three quarters of a mile of the Missouri river, where the traveling public find the convenience of a ferry crossing. The country surrounding this city might rightly be termed a combination of beauty and utility. The beautiful scenery, delightful and invigorating climate are enjoyed alike by the laborer and pleasure seeker; while the crops, that are never known to fail, insure the farmer a fair reward for all judiciously invested capital and labor. Its principal streets are lined with brick blocks of the most finished and substantial character. Its business men exhibit an alertness and commercial vim in every way worthy of a place many times its size. The First National Bank, of which F. M. Dorsey is cashier and Hon. Geo. W. Dorsey of Fremont is president, is worthy of the fullest confidence of every man in business. The Bank of Dixon County, of which E. E. Halstead is president, stands high in the community. The Security State Bank of Ponca has lately been started. The Commercial House, Geo. Irvine proprietor, formerly of Sioux City, Iowa, and the Central House, John F. Smith proprietor, are well kept hostelries, both receiving a large patronage. The graded High School of seven departments is well managed and gives satisfaction in every respect. The churches are Luthern, Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian, all of which are in a flourishing condition. The Northern Nebraska Journal is published by Wm. Huse & Son. and its attention is given closely to the wants of the reading public.

City Officers.- William Lister, mayor; E.D. Higgins, treasurer; C. A. Kingsbury, clerk; A. G. Kingsbury. attorney.

Armstrong R P, groceries ~  Armstrong Sisters, millinery ~  Austin John, ferryman ~  Ayers E D, genl mdse ~  Bank of Dixon County, E E Halstead pres and cashier (See adv top of page.) ~  Barnes & Evans, attys ~  Bauer A. agl implts ~  Berry E J, harness ~  Bigley S Mrs, prop Valley House ~  Bittenbender Saml, grain ~  Brown M, auctioneer ~ Carter E, justice ~  Central House (The), J F Smith prop. ~  Connor I. groceries ~  Crew & Martin, feed mill, live stock ~ Coats A M, barber ~ Commercial House, George Irvine prop ~  Dale A J & Son, agl implts ~  Davey J M, genl mdse ~  DeLacy P H, shoemaker ~ Dennis J E, barber ~  Devore Leonard, phys ~ Dorsey F M, cashier First National Bank, loans and insurance agt ~  Drager Bros, genl mdse ~ Eames E J, atty ~  Edwards & McCulloch Lumber Co ~  Fields H C, livery [T Berry agt ~ First National Bank, capital $50, 000 Geo W E Dorsey pres, F M Dorsey cashier, Fay Mattison vice-pres, E D Higgins asst cashier ~ Francis Geo B, lumber ~ Friday John, hardware ~  Gamble M F, genl mdse ~  Grosvenor E M, real estate ~ Groth Wm, cigar mfr ~ Halstead E E, president bank of Dixon county, Ponca, and president Bank of Dakota county, Jackson, loans, insurance ~  Hamilton Grant, photographer ~ Hamm J N, saloon ~  Hanson Mary Mrs, prop Merchants Hotel ~ Hart & Smith, livery ~ Hewitt J, justice ~   Higgins E D, assistant cashier  First National Bank ~ Higgins M B Mrs, millinery ~  Huse Wm & Son, publisher Northern Nebraska Journal. ~ Irvine Geo, prop Commercial House ~ Johnson F N, blacksmith ~ Kingsbury A G, city attorney, notary and collections ~   Kingsbury C A, city clerk, attorney and notary ~  Kirkey C Mrs. restaurant ~  Knappen D W, books, stationary ~  Kryger & Bennett, drugs ~  Latham Edward, groceries ~ Lister & Logan, meat market ~ Lockwood Hiland P, real estate ~ Logan James H. postmaster ~ McCarthy John H, atty ~ McConnell George, livery ~ McDermott Michael, blacksmith ~ Martin W A & Co, real estate ~ Masters J A, jeweler ~   Merchants Hotel, Mrs Mary Hanson, prop ~ Mikesell S P, genl mdse ~  Mohr J A, furniture ~  Moore J E, atty ~  Nance Bros, meat market ~   Nelson Bros. brick mfr ~ Norris W F Hon, district judge ~ Northern Nebraska Journal, Wm Huse & Son pubs ~ O'Connell J M, phys ~   Olerman E C, sta, tel and ex agt ~ Peavey F H & Co, grain ~ Pletch Frank, groceries ~  Ponca Mill Co, S P Mikesell pres, S K Bittenbender sec and treas ~  Porter J W, phys ~ Rakow August F, groceries ~ Robinson & Kingsbury, official abstracters, real estate, loans and insurance ~ Rogers L Miss, millinery ~ Rozell & McMartin, merchant tailors ~  Rucker A P, drugs ~  Rucker E T, phys ~ Rush P E, brick mfr ~  Savage Ernest, sewing machines ~  Saylor J C, blacksmith ~  Schroer Chas, bakery ~  Scott Wm F, blacksmith ~  Security Bank of Ponca, S B Stough pres, A D Williams cashier ~  Serry Bros, lumber ~  Smith J F, prop The Central House ~ Smith Peter, blacksmith ~  Stough Bros, genl mdse ~  Stroup Chas, billiards ~  Verckler B, auctioneer ~  Ward ElizabethMrs, notions ~  Wasson A S, dentist ~  Wood B W, atty ~  Wood C H, livery ~  Wood G L, atty.

Silver Ridge, a post office in the north central part of Dixon county, six and one-half miles west from Ponca.

Spring Bank, a post office in the eastern part of Dixon county, about 15 miles from Ponca, the county seat. Populateion, 25.

Cleveland Chris, agl implts ~  Heston P J, justice ~ Kellogg Chas, harnessmaker ~ Myers W H H, hardware ~  Stewart Chas, genl mdse, postmaster ~ Taylor Chas, blacksmith ~  Wellington Geo, blacksmith ~ Wellington Thos, drugs ~ Willson Saml, genl mdse.

Wakefield is situated at the junction of the North and South Logan Rivers, in the southern part of Dixon county, and has about 300 inhabitants. The C. St. P. & O. Ry. passes through the town and a branch road runs from it to Hartington in Cedar county. There are two flour mills, two good elrvators, a broom factory, two banks - the Farmers and Traders and the Wakefield State Bank, a hotel, schools, etc. The churches are the Swedish Luthern, Methodist and Christian.

Anderson A O, drayman ~ Bannon G H, groceries ~  Beckenhauer M Mrs, restaurant ~ Belknap & Graham, real estate, loans and collections ~ Belknap I M, atty, notary ~  Benn J H, prop Occidental House ~  Bloodhart F M, barber ~  Bowers S J, livery ~  Browne JF, contractor ~  Cook W S, live stock ~  Crane O F, auctioneer ~  Duncan J W, harness, restaurant ~  Eddy E, blacksmith ~  Ekeroth & Swan Bros, genl mdse ~  Elseffer J B, sta, tel and ex agt ~ Farmers and Traders Bank, John D. Haskell pres, D Mathewson cashier ~  Fesk D H, blacksmith ~  Fench E C, genl mdse ~  Frahm D H, real estate ~  French J R & Son, genl mdse ~  Ginane John,merchant tailor ~  Green D H, livery ~  Harmon B F, phys ~ Harrison Wm, hardware ~ Hinrich Charles, meat market ~ Holmburg A L, blacksmith ~  Howard C F, jewler ~   Hunter C E, postmaster, justice ~ Knapp & Co, drugs ~ Kortright & Co, photographers ~ Lambert Richard, livery ~ Larson Bros, contractors, builders ~ Layman & Johnson Bros, live stock ~  LeValley G N, lumber ~  Lingren Nels, feed mill ~  Long Bros, drugs ~  Long J J, phys ~  Madison John, saloon ~ Mallory J H, broom mfr ~ Martin E O, atty ~  Merritt C H, furniture ~  Milligan J O & Co, roller mills ~   Nindel Paul, soda and mineral water mfr, agt Fred Krugs Omaha keg and bottled beer ~  Occidental House, J H Benn prop ~  Peavey F H & Co, J E Heyl agt grain and coal ~  Peterson & Anderson, genl mdse ~  Peterson John, blacksmith  ~ Potter & Johnson, clothing, etc ~   Rawlins Bros, hardware, agl implts ~  Rawlins & Hartington, millinery ~  Rice F Mrs, millinery ~  Shumway & Everett, agl implts, lumber ~   Smith E D & Co, genl mdse ~  Wakefield Republican, Wheeler & Woodworth pubs ~ Wakefield State Bank, W P Manley pres, Levi Kimball cashier ~ Weaver N M, wagonmaker ~ Weaver N M Mrs, restaurant ~  Wheeler & Woodworth, pubs Wakefield Republican ~  Whitaker B C, harness ~ Woodworth A, phys.

Waterbury, a station on the Pacific Short Line Ry., in the east central part of Dixon County, the post office before the advent of the railway was known as Black Hawk. Ponca, the county seat, is eight miles distant. Population, 50.

Cleveland C C, live stock ~  Forney U T, postmaster ~  Gamble & Forney, genl mdse ~  Hall J F, justice ~  Noe C R, grain ~  Pierce C H, justice ~  Snyder J E, sta, tel and ex agt ~  Stenger H J, real estate.


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