Smith, Robert
No Dates (Lot 108) Confederate War Vet. Obit

Smith, Jane E.
b. 6-20-1829, d. 4-11-1896 

Davidson, Andrew
Andrew is a son of Isaac and Annie Davidson.  He was born in Scribner NE the year they had came to the States; he was born 1887 and died 1938.

Davidson, Bessie
Bessie was a McCaw; they were married in 1912.  She was born 1891 and died 1984. Their stone seems to be in good shape.  The cemetery is well cared for.

Davidson, Annie
1863 to 1931; she was born in Apatria, Cumberland, Eng.

Davidson, Isaac
1863 to 1928; he was born in Castle Carrock, Eng.

Guern, Pearl Schlote
Daughter of Jemima Hendrena Thuenen Schlote and wife of Carl Frederick Guern Born, Nov. 5, 1890 in Fremont, Dodge County Ne. and died June 2,  1966 in Hyattsville, Prince George's County, Maryland.
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Guern, Carl Frederick
Husband of Pearl Schlote Guern. Born June 18, 1878 in Dodge County Ne. and died Apr. 8, 1933
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Schlote, Jemima Hendrena Thuenen
(mother of Pearl Schlote Guern), Born Nov. 3, 1869, Lehigh, Iowa and Died May 31, 1940, Concord, Ne. Lot 93, base 5. No Gravestone
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Concord Cemetery 
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Concord Cemetery Photograph
Submitted by Judy Dawe